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  To live A Bonita Life, or beautiful life, is to relax while away from SW Florida and let someone else treat your home as their own.

  Living and working in Bonita Springs for the past 12 years, David has watched his community change and grow. The ever changing seasonal population in Southwest Florida has created a need for qualified home watch professionals. With the guidance and assistance of his colleague and partner, Lisa Beringer, A Bonita Life Home Services was born.

  David moved to Southwest Florida, from Ohio, in 2003 with his wife Patti and their two children, Adam and Jennifer. David graduated from Baldwin Wallace College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and a Master’s Degree in Education from Ashland University. David taught third and fourth grade for 13 years in Ohio. Recently retired from Lee County Schools, after teaching elementary students at Bonita Springs Elementary School for 12 years. David brings organizational skills and an attention to detail to their Home Watch business.

Phone Number: 239-691-6151

  To live A Bonita Life, or a beautiful life, is to relax while away from SW Florida and let someone else treat your home as their own.

  As a resident of Southwest Florida for the past 27 years, Lisa has heard from many seasonal residents that there was a need for qualified home watch services. That is why A Bonita Life Home Services was created.

  Lisa has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and spent 29 years as a classroom teacher and academic coach.  She recently retired from the Lee County School District, and has an active Florida Real Estate License with Easy Living Realty.  Her husband Peter is a PGA Golf Professional at Wildcat Run Country Club, and they enjoy watching sunsets at the beach.

 Lisa will detect signs of damage in the early stages.  She has developed business relationships with service providers who will assist in repairs that are needed.

Client Testimonials  

Scott M. writes:

  Lisa Beringer and A Bonita Life have been invaluable to us over the past year.  A Bonita Life offers home watch services, but what has been particularly valuable to us is her key in service.  Lisa has provided access to our condo many times  to contractors and tenants.  She is reliable and trustworthy beyond reproach.  Being far away from our property, we have peace of mind.  We are extremely thankful that we found her and now count her among our friends.

R.D. writes:

  I can't say enough good things about the excellent service that Lisa and David have provided to our family both for their Home Watch and Concierge Service.  They are professional, responsible and an incredible resource for services in the community.  We are grateful to have such a strong team watching our properties while we are home in Canada!

 SPK writes:

​​  Lisa and David go above and beyond what would be expected from a home watch service. What a pleasure to arrive at our clean home with groceries in our fridge, ready to relax and enjoy our Florida home. We have full confidence and trust that our home is well taken care of and highly recommend A Bonita Life Home Watch and Concierge service. You will be lucky to have them!

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  Count on A Bonita Life Home Services with our vast resources and commitment to our clients.We practice the highest standards in the industry and always endeavor to exceed your expectations.

​ You will find Bonita Life serving clients in Bonita Springs, Estero, and Fort Myers Beach.